"A home of early learning, where imaginations are fuelled and identities nurtured"


Our Program

All programming and curriculum planning undertaken at Natural Play Children’s Centre is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards. We plan for and document each child’s progression toward five learning outcomes:


Children have a strong sense of identity

Children are connected and contribute to their world

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Children are confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators


We also offer a Transition to School program which is delivered by a university qualified Early Childhood Teacher. ‘Bush School’ as we call it, is a more structured and academic focussed lesson that takes place every morning up in the trees of the primary school grounds. During this lesson we use our outdoor classroom to teach concepts surrounding literacy, numeracy, maths, science and the arts. Our Transition program is not limited to our Bush School lessons however, as it encompasses a holistic view of the transition to school and focusses not only on academic readiness, but also social and emotional readiness, confidence building and instilling in children a passion and drive for learning so that they may truly thrive during their formal schooling years. These are skills that are fostered and embedded within every moment that your  child spends with us at Natural Play.


Planning for the program will be carried out on an ongoing basis and will be informed by a number of sources including direct input from children and family members, planned extension activities designed to build on certain concepts or interests which the children are exploring and intentional teaching plans which are designed to introduce new skills or concepts.


We use a contemporary method of programming alongside children called “Thinking and Talking Floorbooks”, which encourages meaningful engagement, critical thinking and problem solving from children as they drive their own learning, helping them to become intrinsically motivated learners. Our ‘big books’ that are used for this method are available in the classroom at all times to be accessed by both children and families.